Anna Russell: The importance of self-belief

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Posted 25/03/14

The importance of self-belief

Anna Russell is a professional triathlete and lives in Auckland with her husband. Anna works part-time at Fonterra and is also committed to living out her dream of being a professional athlete. As of 2013 she was ranked 25th in the world!

Anna has come to the realization that self-belief, as much as physical training, plays such an important role in the accomplishment of her dreams. She finds the following strategies key in building self-belief before big races.

Write down key accomplishments

I have a notebook that I take along to every race. Other than nutrition plans, race strategy and inspiring quotes, I also note down key sessions I have completed in my journey to that race. These sessions are not usually the ones where I felt great but are the ones that were really tough and yet I still got them done. Reading through these key sessions on race morning instils that sense of confidence and self-belief that I have done everything possible to achieve my goals.

Honest feedback

There are a lot of people who will tell you ‘You’ll be great’, ‘You’re going to smash it’ etc. However, a lot of the time these people, although meaning well, actually have no idea how you are going to perform. I exercise caution when listening to these positive affirmations and instead have my ‘go-to’ people who I know will give me honest feedback on how I could perform. I get a big lift knowing that my husband, family and coach believe I can achieve my goals; these are the people with me day-to-day and know what I have sacrificed to get where I am.

Realistic goals, shared with few

It is a sad fact that when you decide to challenge yourself there are many people that react negatively. This is usually due to their own fear of not pursuing a challenge themselves. Because of this I only let a few people know what my goals are. Negativity is never good and it quickly erodes self-belief. The goals you have should not be validated by what other people think of them, they are your own challenge and every journey to reach them is different.




Anna Russell - Professional Triathlete

What is my passion? To Inspire, Motivate and Energise those people around me to reach their potential and become true high performers. What makes someone a high performer? Passion for what they do, having goals that they pursue with absolute commitment and enthusiasm, and maintaining balance across all aspects of their life.

From working at Fonterra on some of the biggest projects in New Zealand, to now being a professional Ironman Athlete, let me help you on your journey and goals for 2014!

For more information on Anna and her journey, CLICK HERE to visit her website.

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