Three simple tips for success by Anna Ross

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Posted 24/01/14

Living with passion: Three simple tips to help you get the motivation you need to succeed!

Anna Ross is a professional triathlete and lives in Auckland with her fiancé. Anna works part-time at Fonterra and is also committed to living out her dream of being a professional athlete. As of 2013 she was ranked 25th in the world! This busy schedule means that Anna needs to juggle many things in her life to get a balance.

One of the most frequent questions she is asked is, "What motivates you to get up each day and train?" For Anna this comes down to three key elements that do not just apply to training, but more generally to success in anything you choose to do. You may not be competing in a triathlon but whatever your idea of success is, whether you want to run 5km, make 2014 your healthiest year yet or simply spend more time doing something you love, these elements will apply to you!

Anna's key elements:

1. You need a goal! - You need to be able to visualise and define your goal. In triathlon this is not too hard, it's that race that you have entered and you've told your friends and family about it (no backing out!). For me this goal is to race professionally in Kona. I have a picture of the Ironman symbol in my bathroom - a constant reminder of that goal, and the knowledge that it will be the consistency of training that will get me there.

2. A good support network - I train with a great group of people and I feel accountability to be there training with them everyday, and yes, sometimes it is just the thought of coffee with the group after squad that gets me up!

3. Passion (internal motivation). This one is crucial. As human beings we feel a need to challenge ourselves and have purpose in what we're doing. When training gets arduous it is this greater purpose that you can draw from to keep you going, to keep consistent.



Anna Ross - Professional Triathlete

What is my passion? To Inspire, Motivate and Energise those people around me to reach their potential and become true high performers. What makes someone a high performer? Passion for what they do, having goals that they pursue with absolute commitment and enthusiasm, and maintaining balance across all aspects of their life.

From working at Fonterra on some of the biggest projects in New Zealand, to now being a professional Ironman Athlete, let me help you on your journey and goals for 2014!

For more information on Anna and her journey, CLICK HERE to visit her website.

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