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How does MoleMap compare?

How do different healthcare professionals compare on skin cancers

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Posted 25/03/14

When having your skin checked, it is always nice to know that you are in good hands.

A good measure of accuracy is how many lesions are excised to find a melanoma. Ideally, the less moles that need to be unnecessarily cut out, the better!

How we compare:

Healthcare Professional Lesions excised vs melanoma found
MoleMap by Dermatologists 4:1 (i) ie. excise four to find one
GP 20:1(ii)
Dermatologist 12:1(iii)

Another useful measure is sensitivity. Analysis of our database indicates that our sensitivity exceeds 98.9%. What does this mean? Sensitivity measures our accuracy in correctly identifying melanomas. As a comparison, average sensitivities:

Healthcare Professional Sensitivity
MoleMap by Dermatologists 98.9% (i)
GP 29% (ii)
Skin Cancer Clinic (GP led) 60% (ii)
Dermatologists 80% (iii)


(i) MoleMap Internal Audit. Benign to malignant ratio from a sample of 700 recommended excisions from 2010-2013. Sensitivity from documentation of reported missed melanomas.(ii) Youl, P. H et al , Diagnosing skin cancer in primary care: how do mainstream general practitioners compare with primary care skin cancer clinic doctors? Med J Aust 2007; 187 (4): 215-220. (iii). Carli P, et al. Improvement of Malignant/Benign Ratio in Excised Melanocytic Lesions in the 'Dermoscopy Era': A Retrospective Study 1997-2001. B J Derm 2004; 150: 687-692.

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