Skin Cancer, Melanoma Awareness, Preventative Tips

How you can reduce your risk for skin cancer

Simple things that can help prevent skin cancer and melanoma

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Posted 24/01/13

Skin cancer is among the most common kinds of malignancies in the world. However, there are effective ways to lower your risk for this disease. Simple efforts to avoid the harmful rays of the sun and avoiding the use of sun tanning products can help you lower your risk of developing abnormal and malignant growths on your skin.

Other ways to reduce skin cancer risk 

Use generous amounts of sunblock and sunscreen. Sunblock and sunscreen are your second-best lines of defence against the harmful rays of the sun. For fair-skinned people, a sunblock with an SPF of 35 or higher is recommended. People with darker skin should start with a sunblock with an SPF of 15 or higher. Avoid the midday-sun. The sun shines the brightest in the middle of the day. This is the time when the rays can cause the most of their damage. Stay indoors during this time or use a hat or an umbrella and put on some sunblock if you really must go out. Fair-skinned people should take special care when going out and staying under the heat of the sun such as using protective clothing aside from using sunblock. Use of UV sunglasses can also protect the eyes from sun damage. Avoid tanning beds and lotions. Tanning beds bombard the skin with harmful UV rays. Tanning lotions also make the skin more vulnerable to harmful UV rays. Minimize your use of tanning beds or avoid using tanning beds and lotions altogether. Keep children protected from UV rays. Skin cancer development has been traced back to exposure to harmful UV rays in childhood. It is therefore important for parents to provide children with adequate sun protection. Provide kids with sun block or sunscreen when out on the beach and have them wear hats when going out. Skin cancer is a common but very preventable form of cancer. Proper sun protection and avoidance of sun exposure at certain times of the day can help anyone avoid the disease. Prompt examination of suspicious growths on the skin can also help aid in a diagnosis to facilitate prompt and successful treatment. If you have concerns over a mole or skin discolouration and would like to have it checked, then book an appointment with MoleMap as soon as you can. Remember, early detection reduces your chance.

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