Health apps - 10 of the best

There really is an app for everything these days, including apps for general health, exercise, yoga, meditation, weight loss; you name it!

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Posted 19/08/20
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To mark the launch of our new My MoleMap app, we’ve compiled 10 of the best so you can keep on top of your health goals with the simple tap of an app.

Apps for winding up...

Sworkit - one of the top fitness apps on both iPhone and Android, Sworkit is like having your own personal trainer. This app offers free workout videos to follow along to at home or the gym, with everything from five-minute ab routines to daily stretches, so there’s no excuse not to ‘work it’.

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Runkeeper™ - if you’re a pavement pounder, you’ll love this app. Just like a real-life coach, this app from ASICS will help you set your goals, train for them with personalised training plans and track your progress along the way.

Apple Health - if you own an iPhone, you already have this app in the palm of your hand. It consolidates data from your iPhone, Apple Watch and other wearables, so you can view your progress in the one spot. It independently counts your steps, distance traveled, standing hours, resting energy expenditure, the number of calories you’ve burned, exercise minutes, and much more.

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Waterlogged - as its name suggests, Waterlogged is all about helping you drink more water. Water is the healthiest, cheapest and best way to hydrate, and offers a number of health benefits. This handy (and free) app helps you track the amount of water you gulp down each day, with the option of setting up reminders to rehydrate regularly.

MyFitnessPal - this is a free app that’s super-handy for tracking your food intake. It makes keeping record of everything you eat a little easier, so you can see your calories, courtesy of its large database of over 5 million foods. Plus, you can track your carb, protein, and fat intake – and even use it to import healthy recipes.

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Apps for winding down...

Headspace - if you want to get into a calmer or happier headspace, this app’s for you. It’s full of guided meditations that help you feel more focused and productive and/or help you de-stress and calm down. And it’s free (with in-app purchases).

Down Dog - this app is the top-rated yoga app that’s like having a yoga instructor on your phone. Choose the style of yoga you like, your level of experience, and the duration of the class, then enjoy personalised routines that never repeat.

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Insight Timer - this app has over 6,000 hours of guided meditations to put you in a stronger state of mind - everything from body confidence to sleep to mindfulness. Again, it’s free with in-app purchases.

Endel - this is a different kind of relaxation app—instead of playing pre-packaged sounds, it actually lets users create and mix their own sound therapy, depending on their goals. Whether you want to focus, relax, or sleep, you’ll be able to customize your own experience in real time.

SleepScore - get a better rest with the app that tracks and measures your breathing rate and body movement while you sleep, delivers an in-depth analysis into every stage of your sleep, and offers advice on how to improve your zzz’s – without recording anything, ever.

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