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Your MoleMap appointment.

What to expect.

Watch our video or scroll below so you know what to expect when you come to MoleMap - and feel free to call us on 1800 665 362 if you have any questions.

At your appointment...

We take the time to check your skin thoroughly.

  • A Full Body MoleMap takes around 45 minutes as it’s our most comprehensive service.
  • A MoleMap Skin Check usually takes around 30 minutes, and you can expect a Full Body Follow-up to take between 30 and 45 minutes.

You’ll be seen by a trained Melanographer.

You’ll be seen by one of our expert Melanographers. All of our Melanographers are Registered Nurses who are specially trained in melanoma detection and prevention – and don’t worry, they’re all friendly, professional and discreet.

Your skin will be checked from head to toe.

You’ll need to get down to your underwear because we check your skin thoroughly all over and we don’t want to miss any potential skin cancers. Don’t panic! Our Melanographers are experienced at helping you feel at ease.

If you’re having a Full Body MoleMap...

A Melanographer will check and take photographs of your entire body – this creates a baseline of images to compare changes in your skin later. Images of all significant moles will be sent to a Dermatologist for expert diagnosis.

If you’re having a MoleMap Skin Check...

Your skin will be checked from head to toe by a Melanographer and images of any moles of concern will be sent to a Dermatologist for expert diagnosis (note: it doesn’t include total body photography).

All images taken are double-checked by a Dermatologist.

Your Melanographer will send images of any suspicious moles or skin lesions to one of our accredited Dermatologists for further checking. All MoleMap Dermatologists are experts at detecting and diagnosing early stage melanoma.

We’ll send you your results within a few days.

At your appointment, you’ll get a unique ID number to access your confidential report in your ‘My MoleMap’ skin health app. Once your report is ready, we’ll send you a text and/or email (usually within ten working days) so you can view your results.

If you need to take action, we’re on the spot with support.

Your report may include comments and recommendations by a Dermatologist, as well as images of any suspicious skin lesions. If you need to have any moles removed, we’ll contact you to ensure you understand your report and what to do next.

For peace of mind, don’t forget to come back every year.

Our service works best when you return every year, so we can spot any changes in your skin that could be a potential skin cancer. We’ll get in touch before then to ensure you don’t miss your appointment.

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