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Why Choose MoleMap?

Our MoleMap melanographers are experts at detecting and imaging any suspicious looking spots, and our dermatologists - who work via teledermatology - are experts at diagnosing early stage melanoma – when it’s most treatable.

Why Choose MoleMap?


Our melanographers have completed specialised training in skin cancer detection and imaging which is accredited by the Australasian College of Dermatologists. Our dermatologists are specialist doctors and members of the Australasian College of Dermatologists.

Melanoma experts

We’re experts at detecting early stage melanoma – when it’s most treatable. And because we can accurately identify melanoma, there is less need to recommend surgically removing benign moles,3 which means fewer scars and fewer scares for you.

Best practice

MoleMap provides melanoma diagnosis and surveillance to the standard established as best practice by the Australian Cancer Network and endorsed by the Australian Government through the National Health and Medical Research Council. We follow and promote the 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand.


What sets us apart is our Full Body MoleMap surveillance service, which provides a thorough head-to-toe skin check plus a total photographic record of your skin. It’s specially designed to monitor changes to your skin over time to detect early stage melanoma. It’s an effective way to detect melanoma early.

No referral needed

Many people choose MoleMap because they don’t need a GP referral to see us.

How it works

Watch this quick video (2:20) on melanoma in Australia, our expert MoleMap skin check services and what to expect at your appointment.

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