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Australia’s trusted skin cancer detection specialists.

With 53 clinics across Australia, MoleMap is Australia’s leading skin cancer detection, diagnosis and skin-mapping service. Our expert team of Melanographers and Dermatologists has been detecting and diagnosing melanoma and other skin cancers since 2005 in Australia (and 1997 in New Zealand). It’s all we do and we do it thoroughly.

What sets us apart is our Full Body MoleMap surveillance service, designed to monitor your skin and moles over time – and spot any signs of skin cancer early.


Australasia’s original skin-mapping system.

Over 20 years ago, MoleMap’s founders pioneered a life-saving system to detect and diagnose melanoma. We noticed that many skin cancers were being missed in routine checks, because doctors didn’t always have the technology or training to detect melanoma, particularly in its early stages.

We also realised that visual checks can be highly inaccurate, which meant that many moles were being removed unnecessarily, creating needless scars – and scares – for many people.

So we created MoleMap, the world’s first dermatologist-diagnosed skin cancer surveillance programme that uses teledermatology to detect melanoma earlier and more accurately. Today, we strive to continue to lead the way by harnessing the latest innovations in technology and delivering the best possible patient experience.

Mole Map about us

Looking beneath the surface.

Our skin-mapping system

To the untrained eye, melanoma can look much like any other spot. That’s why our Melanographers use a ‘dermatoscope’ to look deep inside a mole’s structure to pick up any early signs of skin cancer.

Not only that, we also use a high-tech, dermoscopic camera to create a ‘baseline’ of images of your skin and moles to compare against at future appointments. This allows us to monitor even the smallest changes in your skin, so we can detect melanoma and other skin cancers early.

Dermatoscope molemap
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"“We want to give our patients peace of mind by achieving one of two outcomes – “Great, I know that I don’t have melanoma” or “I’m glad it was found early so it can be treated.""

- Adrian Bowling (MoleMap Founder)

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