My MoleMap Terms of Use


1. Wel­come to my​.molemap​.co​.nz and my​.molemap​.net​.au (the ​‘site’), a web­site that is host­ed and oper­at­ed by MoleMap Lim­it­ed, Unit 2B/93 – 95 Ascot Avenue, Green­lane, Auck­land, New Zealand (‘we’, ​‘our’, ​‘MoleMap’).

2. These terms apply to the entire con­tents of the site, the ser­vices pro­vid­ed by the site, to any infor­ma­tion pro­duced by the site and to any feed­back or sub­mis­sions pro­vid­ed through the site. By view­ing and using the site, the users (‘You’, ​‘your’) will be deemed to agree to these terms of use.

Intend­ed use

3. You agree you will only use the site for the pur­pose stat­ed below. You acknowl­edge that your use of the sys­tem may be mon­i­tored and if your use is deemed to be out­side of the stat­ed pur­pose below, we may revoke your access at our sole dis­cre­tion and with­out delay.

4. If you are a MoleMap patient,

  • The site gives you access to your own MoleMap clin­i­cal record, so you can receive and review the diag­noses and rec­om­mend­ed actions for your lesions that were imaged in one of our affil­i­at­ed clinics.
  • The site allows you to cre­ate, change and edit your Molemap clin­ic appointments.
  • The site allows you to nom­i­nate Med­ical Prac­tices involved in your care so they are able to receive a copy of your MoleMap clin­i­cal report and/​or access your MoleMap record online. You are also able to remove these Med­ical Prac­tices from your record so they no longer have access to your records.
  • Regard­less of the access con­trols pro­vid­ed by the site, you agree to only use the site to access your own per­son­al clin­i­cal records. If you sus­pect access to a clin­i­cal record is giv­en erro­neous­ly, you must noti­fy MoleMap immediately.

5. If you are a Med­ical Prac­ti­tion­er who is involved in the care for one of our patients,

  • The site gives you and your prac­tice col­leagues access to your patient’s MoleMap clin­i­cal record if that patient has nom­i­nat­ed you as a prac­tice that is involved in your care.
  • You acknowl­edge that your access to our patients’ med­ical records may be tracked and audit­ed to ensure access is legit­i­mate and in the inter­est of pro­vid­ing med­ical care to our patients.
  • You may be able to use the site to enter MoleMap cus­tomer refer­rals and images for diag­noses. These refer­ral ser­vices are sub­ject to a sep­a­rate ser­vice agree­ment that we will enter with you before such refer­ral ser­vices are made available.
  • Regard­less of the access con­trols pro­vid­ed by the site, you agree to only use the site to access clin­i­cal records of peo­ple you are pro­vid­ing care to. If you sus­pect access to a clin­i­cal record is giv­en erro­neous­ly, you must noti­fy MoleMap immediately.

6. If you are a Cor­po­rate Cus­tomer, who has referred patients to MoleMap,

  • The site gives you access to real-time reports on the progress of your Cor­po­rate Well­ness Campaign.
  • You will only be able to access cam­paign, pro­mo­tion code and appoint­ment infor­ma­tion for patients that you have referred as part of your Well­ness Campaigns.
  • The site may pro­vide aggre­gat­ed out­comes infor­ma­tion in rela­tion to the patients you have referred, these out­comes are sum­marised and non-identifiable.
  • Regard­less of the access con­trols pro­vid­ed by the site, you agree to only use the site to access infor­ma­tion relat­ed to cam­paigns you are involved in. If you sus­pect access to a cam­paign is giv­en erro­neous­ly, you must noti­fy MoleMap immediately.

Con­ti­nu­ity of service

7. MoleMap makes no war­ran­ty or rep­re­sen­ta­tion, express or implied, as to the con­ti­nu­ity of the site’s ser­vices. We reserve the right to sus­pend, ter­mi­nate or oth­er­wise alter access to some or all the site’s ser­vices at any time and with­out notice.

8. Your access to the site is tem­po­rary so if you require a copy of the infor­ma­tion that is shared with you through the site for your own records, you are advised to down­load a copy and store this in your own record keep­ing facility.

Access Con­trols

9. Access to the site requires reg­is­tra­tion. You agree that all infor­ma­tion you give us when reg­is­ter­ing or using the site is true, accu­rate, up to date, com­plete and not false, mis­lead­ing or decep­tive in any mate­r­i­al way.

10. Your user­name will be an email address that you own and have full access to. You must ensure that you always keep your pass­word con­fi­den­tial and that you do not dis­close it to any­one. You agree to ensure that only you use the site using this email address and password.

11. It is your respon­si­bil­i­ty to imme­di­ate­ly noti­fy us of any unau­tho­rised use of your account or any oth­er breach of secu­ri­ty as soon as you become aware of it. We reserve the right to require users to change their user­name and pass­words if nec­es­sary for secu­ri­ty reasons.

12. You can dereg­is­ter for this ser­vice at any time by call­ing Molemap Cus­tomer Services.


13. Pro­tec­tion of per­son­al infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by you while using the site, or per­son­al infor­ma­tion acces­si­ble through the site is gov­erned by the MoleMap pri­va­cy pol­i­cy.


14. MoleMap dis­claims and excludes all lia­bil­i­ty for any claim, loss, demand or dam­ages of any kind what­so­ev­er (includ­ing for neg­li­gence) aris­ing out of or in con­nec­tion with the use of either this site or the infor­ma­tion, con­tent or mate­ri­als includ­ed on this site or on any web­site we link to.

Revi­sions to these Terms of Use

15. MoleMap may revise these terms of use at any time. Any such revi­sions take effect when this page is published.

Con­tact Information

If you have any ques­tions or con­cerns in rela­tion to these terms, please con­tact us via email at

1 Octo­ber 2022