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Australia’s high UV levels mean an increased risk of skin cancer. Getting a regular skin check is the best way to detect skin cancer early—when it’s most treatable. Even if you spot a mole you’re uncertain about, it’s better to get it checked by a professional than to wait.

At our Skin Cancer Check ACT, you can expect a thorough head-to-toe skin exam. Suspicious moles are imaged and sent for dermatologist diagnosis. Because no referral is needed, there’s less time spent waiting—and less time to worry.
A melanographer will check your skin and image any suspect moles

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Level 1/1 Bowes Pl
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Full Body MoleMap
Full Body MoleMap
Skin Cancer Treatment
Skin Cancer Treatment

Get peace of mind in 3 steps with our skin check ACT

Step 1: Comprehensive skin check

Our skilled melanographers will perform a complete full body skin cancer check. Any suspicious moles will be imaged
mole check

Step 2: Dermatologist review

Your digital images will be sent to an accredited dermatologist for further evaluation and expert diagnosis.

Step 3: Trusted diagnosis

Within 10 working days, you’ll receive your report. It will contain any images, dermatologist diagnosis and advice on the next steps, if needed.
patient report
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Your ACT skin check questions, answered

Does MoleMap Skin Check ACT offer online booking?

Absolutely. We believe booking an ACT skin check should be easy. That’s why we offer a simple online booking system. First, select your nearest MoleMap skin check clinic. Next, choose which service you would like.

Our most comprehensive mole check in the Full Body MoleMap. This is ideal for anyone at medium to high risk of skin cancer. For those at low to medium risk, you may prefer a skin check. All our mole scan services include a dermatologist diagnosis and full report

Where is MoleMap’s ACT skin check clinic located?

MoleMap skin cancer check ACT is located at Level 1/1 Bowes Place. Enter the brown and cream building and catch the elevator to level 1. Parking is available a few metres from the building. You can access public transport (buses) via Woden Interchange, in nearby Nabin Street.

How often is it recommended to get a skin check?

Generally, we recommend having a professional skin check by your doctor, dermatologist or a MoleMap melanographer once a year. In some cases, following your skin check at our ACT skin check clinic, it may be recommended you have more frequent skin checks.

This will depend on the results of your skin exam and your individual skin cancer risk. It’s also advisable to regularly check your own skin at home. We recommend doing a DIY skin check every three months.

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