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95% of skin cancers are treatable. If spotted early

Most skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight. Just one or two sunburns during childhood and adolescence can increase your risk later in life. On a positive note, skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers.

When you visit Hunters Hill skin cancer clinic, you’ll get a thorough head-to-toe skin check. Suspicious moles will be imaged and sent for further review and diagnosis by an accredited dermatologist. Because the earlier skin cancer is picked up, the better the outcome.

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6 Ryde Rd, Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Opening hours

Monday 8am - 5:30pm

Tuesday 8am - 5:30pm

Wednesday 8am - 5:30pm

Thursday 8am - 5:30pm

Friday 8am - 5:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Full Body MoleMap
Full Body MoleMap
Skin Cancer Treatment
Skin Cancer Treatment
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Getting there

MoleMap Hunters Hill is located inside Hunters Hill Medical Practice. On-site parking is available at the rear of the building and can be accessed via Short St.

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A thorough head-to-toe skin examination by a melanographer (a trained nurse specialising in skin cancer triage). Any ‘at risk’ moles are imaged and sent for dermatologist diagnosis. No referral needed.
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MoleMap AU Skin Check Services


All the benefits of a SkinCheck with the addition of full body imaging. Because your skin is always changing, a photographic record makes it easy to spot new moles and take action.
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Skin Cancer Treatment

Full Body MoleMap

Our most comprehensive mole check and mole monitoring service. All the benefits of a SkinCheck with the addition of full body imaging and mole mapping. Because tracking mole changes assists with the early detection of skin cancers. 12 months of unlimited free spot checks.
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full body molemap service

Skin Cancer Treatment

At MoleMap, a skin cancer doctor can provide minimally invasive and more advanced cancer treatment. This includes surgical, topical and cryotherapy.
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mole check clinic

Saving lives. One skin check at a time

Helena Alemao Testimonial
Brent Griffin Testimonial
Lewis Testimonial
Helena Alemao
Helena Alemao
45 years old
High Risk
“When dad was suddenly diagnosed with melanoma I had to be proactive about my own skin.  My Full Body MoleMap resulted in 39 moles being documented and sent for dermatologist review.”
Family history
Fair Skin
Many Moles
Brent Griffin
Brent Griffin
59 years old
High Risk
“A suspicious mole was picked up during my Full Body MoleMap. A few days later I had a phone call from my doctor…I was told it was Clark level 2 melanoma.”
Atypical moles
71 years old
High Risk
“At my annual full body skin exam, the melanographer found a small pin-sized spot on my ear and recommended I have it examined further. It turned out to be cancerous. If it wasn’t for MoleMap, it would have gone unnoticed.”
Changing mole

Helping you spot skin cancers early

  • Consultant dermatologists highly experienced in skin cancer diagnosis
  • World-class Melanographers that check skin all day, every day
  • Clinicians with extensive training in detecting and treating cancers
Leyla Nsar
Lead Melanographer
Registered Nurse

Leyla Nsar

Lead Melanographer
Registered Nurse
Dr. John Levy

A/Prof. Dr John Levy

Skin Cancer Doctor
Dr. Simon Tucker

Dr Simon Tucker


What to expect from your skin check

Step 1: Comprehensive skin check

A melanographer (a nurse, specially trained in skin cancer detection) will perform a detailed skin check.

Step 2: Dermatologist review

Dermoscopic (under the skin) images of moles of concern will be sent to an accredited dermatologist for review and diagnosis.

Step 3: Trusted report

Receive your report within 10 working days. Included is your dermatologist diagnosis, images, and advice on the next steps (if needed).
patient report
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Prioritise Your Skin Health with MoleMap in Hunters Hill!

Your questions, answered

How much does a skin check cost at MoleMap Hunters Hill?

The cost of a skin check at Hunters Hill skin cancer clinic will depend on the type of service you choose. At MoleMap Hunters Hill, our most comprehensive service is our Full Body MoleMap. This includes full body imaging and ongoing, proactive skin monitoring. It is recommended for anyone with a medi­um to high risk of get­ting melanoma. For people at low risk or who have spotted a new or changing mole, we suggest having a SkinCheck (there's the option to have it with or without total body imaging). For more information on the pricing and what's included, visit our SkinCheck or Full Body MoleMap pages. Don’t know your skin cancer risk? Take our quick risk quiz to find out.

I need a skin check in Hunters Hill. Who’s the best person to see?

Many people will visit their local GP first. Depending on your GP’s level of training in this area, you may be referred to a dermatologist or ​​a nearby skin check clinic, like MoleMap Hunters Hill. The benefit of visiting our Hunters Hill skin cancer clinic is that, unlike GPs, we specialise in skin cancer and skin cancer only. Our melanographers perform skin checks daily, making them highly experienced in knowing what to look for. Additionally, our skin checks include a dermatologist diagnosis, without the need (or wait) for referral. When considering the best skin cancer clinic, we recommend choosing the one you feel most comfortable with.

How much time should I allow for a skin check in Hunters Hill?

The length of appointment MoleMap Hunters Hill will depend on the skin check service you select. 

What is my skin cancer risk?

Several factors can influence your individual skin cancer risk. Key factors include:

  • Family/personal history of skin cancer
  • Previous UV damage
  • Skin type
  • The number of moles you have

At your skin check Hunters Hill, we’ll discuss your individual skin cancer risk. We’ll also offer advice on ways to prevent skin cancer.  To understand your skin cancer risk, take our quick quiz now.

When will I receive my report?

At our Hunters Hill skin cancer clinic, reports are generally received within 10 working days of your appointment. We’ll send you an email to advise and all you need to do is log into your per­son­al My MoleMap account. Forget to set up your account? That’s okay. Sim­ply sign up here using the email address you gave us at your appoint­ment. Your report will contain your diagnosis, actions required, if needed, and your body images.

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