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We're skin cancer detection specialists.

Leave no spot unchecked.

MoleMap is offering in-clinic Full Body MoleMap and Skin Check services - with additional COVID-19 safety precautions. If you'd prefer to stay at home, you can also try our free SpotChat virtual consultation - see below for more details.

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What is SpotChat?

SpotChat is a free, 15-minute video or phone chat with a Melanographer to discuss your skin concerns and your next steps, while keeping yourself safe at home. Here’s how it works:

  1. To book a SpotChat virtual consultation click here.
  2. One of our Melanographers (specially trained skin cancer nurses) will contact you at the appointed time and answer your questions about your concerns.
  3. If you have a suspicious mole, you’ll be asked to send us a close-up photograph of it before your appointment (here’s how).
  4. You may need to show the mole to the Melanographer using the camera on your mobile device, so please have it ready.
  5. You’ll be advised on your next steps, which may include a Skin Check appointment at one of our clinics for further diagnosis.

Why choose MoleMap?

Less need to remove harmless moles. Because MoleMap can more accurately identify melanoma, there's less need to remove harmless moles.

Get peace of mind. Your skin will be thoroughly assessed by two skin cancer experts - a melanographer and a dermatologist.

Benefit from our expertise. Detecting and diagnosing early stage melanoma and monitoring for change over time, is all we do, and we do it thoroughly.

You'll find a MoleMap clinic near you. We offer 32 convenient locations across Australia.

It's quick and easy to get an appointment. You don't need a GP referral to see us.

Buy now, pay later. Option to spread the payment over 6 weekly interest-free instalments with Laybuy.

Your comprehensive surveillance program

Our Full Body MoleMap is a comprehensive melanoma surveillance program that gives you peace of mind each year by monitoring changes to your skin.

Or the MoleMap Skin Check, your annual head-to-toe skin check provides reassurance that any suspicious spots will be thoroughly assessed and diagnosed.

Watch this quick video (0:52) to find out more.

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What to expect

At your appointment you'll be seen by a melanographer who'll take the time to thoroughly check your skin from head-to-toe. They'll help you feel at ease throughout the whole process.

After your appointment your imaged spots will be securely forwarded to our dermatologists. They'll review your spots and provide a diagnostic report which includes any recommendations for treatment.

If treatment is needed please return to your GP or referring doctor who'll discuss options with you.

We'll remind you when it's time to come back for your annual MoleMap surveillance program or annual skin check.


It’s easy to book an appointment with us at one of our many clinics across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

Book online now or call 1800 665 362


Australia’s trusted mole and skin check specialists.

MoleMap is Australia’s leading detection, diagnosis and surveillance service for melanoma and other skin cancers. Our range of comprehensive skin check and mole mapping services are designed to catch skin cancers early - when they’re most treatable.

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