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We spot change, early.

MoleMap skin cancer clinics.

MoleMap’s proven skin-mapping system is designed to detect skin cancers such as melanoma early. Because the earlier it’s found, the better the chances of beating it.1

MoleMap is offering in-clinic Skin Check services - with added reassurance of COVID-19 safety precautions.

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What’s the MoleMap difference?

Watch our video to find out.

Skin-mapping + Melanographers + Dermatologists = accuracy you can trust.

Only MoleMap’s proven specialist melanoma clinics offer head-to-toe skin mapping by trained Melanographers PLUS expert diagnosis of any moles of concern by expert Dermatologists.

It means we don’t just check your suspicious moles - we double-check them.

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Your skin is always changing.

Melanoma grows fast and can become life-threatening within just months.^

Skin cancer can occur at any time and the risk increases as you age3. On the upside, if it’s detected early, it’s almost always treatable.

That’s why our skin-mapping system tracks even the slightest changes in your skin to catch melanoma and other skin cancers early - because early detection can protect lives.

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Full Body MoleMap.

The works: includes skin-mapping.

Our most comprehensive service, the Full Body MoleMap includes photographic skin-mapping and unlimited spot checks. Essential if you’re high risk, have a lot of moles, have a family or personal history of melanoma, and/or want the added reassurance of MoleMap monitoring changes in your skin over time. You can find out your skin cancer risk level here.

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Skin Check.

A point-in-time skin check.

Ideal if you’re low risk, are concerned about one or two moles that are changing and/or want the reassurance of a professional skin and mole check. Note: The skin check is a ‘point-in-time’ check, so there’s no monitoring over time.

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Detecting melanoma and skin cancers since 1997.

Over 20 years ago, MoleMap’s founders (a group of skin cancer doctors) noticed that many skin cancers weren’t being picked up in routine checks. Countless moles were being removed unnecessarily, while many other - far more dangerous – moles were being missed. With Australia having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world2, this outmoded system needed to change.

So they pioneered Australia’s first dedicated skin cancer clinics, focused only on detecting and diagnosing melanoma and other skin cancers. MoleMap was also the first to combine skin cancer expertise and the latest technology to create a patented skin-mapping system designed to spot skin cancers earlier - and more accurately.

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Leave no spot unchecked at our skin check clinics.

There’s a skin cancer detection service to suit every body and budget at our 50+ clinics across Australia.

At your appointment you'll be seen by a melanographer who'll take the time to thoroughly check your skin from head-to-toe. They'll help you feel at ease throughout the whole process.

After your appointment your imaged spots will be securely forwarded to our dermatologists. They'll review your spots and provide a diagnostic report which includes any recommendations for treatment.

If treatment is needed please return to your GP or referring doctor who'll discuss options with you.

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Find a MoleMap skin cancer detection clinic near me.

Ready for the reassurance of knowing your skin is in check? We’ll save you a spot.

1. Step One

Book online at one of our 50+ clinics at a time that suits you.

2. Step Two

Watch our video to see what to expect at your appointment.

3. Step Three

Find out when you’ll get your report after your appointment.

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