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Leave no spot unchecked.

With the skin cancer detection specialists.

MoleMap is offering in-clinic Skin Check services - with added reassurance of COVID-19 safety precautions. Or if you’d prefer to stay at home, why not try our free SpotChat virtual consultation.

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What’s the MoleMap difference?

Watch our video to find out.

Skin-mapping + Melanographers + Dermatologists = accuracy you can trust.

Only MoleMap’s proven system combines head-to-toe skin mapping by trained Melanographers with expert diagnosis of any moles of concern by expert Dermatologists.

That’s what makes us unique and what makes our skin cancer detection service so effective.

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Your skin is always changing.

That's why we spot change.

Melanoma grows fast and can become life-threatening within just months. What’s more, the early signs are very difficult to identify with an untrained eye.

Molemap’s proven skin-mapping system is designed to track even the slightest changes in your skin to catch melanoma and other skin cancers early – because early detection can protect lives.

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Which MoleMap skin check is right for you?

Watch our video to find out.

Our Full Body MoleMap is our most comprehensive service, including our skin-mapping programme to monitor changes in your skin over time, plus full body photography and unlimited free spot checks.

MoleMap’s Skin Check is a point-in-time skin and mole check of your entire body, with any suspicious moles thoroughly checked and diagnosed.

Still not sure which service you need? Book a SpotChat for free advice from a Melanographer.

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What to expect at your appointment.

At your appointment you'll be seen by a melanographer who'll take the time to thoroughly check your skin from head-to-toe. They'll help you feel at ease throughout the whole process.

After your appointment your imaged spots will be securely forwarded to our dermatologists. They'll review your spots and provide a diagnostic report which includes any recommendations for treatment.

If treatment is needed please return to your GP or referring doctor who'll discuss options with you.

We'll remind you when it's time to come back for your annual MoleMap surveillance program or annual skin check.

What To Expect At Your MoleMap Appointment

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