Is that cancer claim fact or fiction? SPF50+ sunscreen gives more protection than SPF30+.

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Posted 19/02/14

Have you ever heard a claim about cancer and wondered if it is actually true? Well now you can find out!

The Cancer Council has decided to sort fact from fiction by creating the website iheard.com.au. On this website you can post a cancer claim you have heard and the Council will explain its creditability and correct any misconceptions.

For example, one post that has got a lot of attention is the claim:

"SPF50+ sunscreen gives more protection than SPF30+".

The Cancer Council's answer:

"As of November 2012, Australian sunscreen manufacturers are allowed to make and advertise SPF50+ sunscreens. Despite the introduction of these new products with a higher SPF rating, there is no need to get rid of your current SPF30+ sunscreens, providing they are broad spectrum, water-resistant and not passed their expiry date. Though this may seem like a big difference in SPF numbers on the label, the new SPF50+ sunscreens will only offer marginally better protection from UVB radiation, which causes sunburn and adds to skin cancer risk, than SPF30+. SPF30+ sunscreens filter about 96.7% of UV radiation, SPF50+ sunscreens provide only marginally better protection at 98%. Therefore, it is important to note that while offering slightly better protection, SPF50+ products are not a “suit of armour” against the dangers of the sun. Sunscreen is an important sun protection measure, but should not be used as the first or only line of defence against ultraviolet radiation. Always re-apply sunscreen every two hours and use in conjunction with other sun protection measures: limiting time outdoors during peak UV times, using shade and wearing protective clothing, hats and sunglasses".

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