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Our melanographers

All MoleMap melanographers are registered nurses who have expertise in detecting and imaging skin for signs of melanoma and other skin cancers. Our MoleMap melanographer training is accredited by the Australasian College of Dermatologists.

At your appointment, you’ll be seen by a melanographer, who will check and assess your skin for any signs of skin cancer using a dermatoscope and a specialised MoleMap dermoscopic camera. Any spots of concern will be imaged and securely forwarded to our dermatologists for review and diagnosis – via teledermatology – after your appointment.

Our dermatologists

Our dermatologists are experts at diagnosing early stage melanoma – when it’s most treatable. All of our experienced dermatologists review and diagnose your lesions – via teledermatology – and provide a report 5-10 days after your appointment.

Prof. H. Peter Soyer Headshot

Prof. H. Peter Soyer

Professor Soyer has been diagnosing for MoleMap since 2008. His vision is a #WorldWithoutMelanoma and his research is...
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Prof Helmut Schaider Headshot

Prof Helmut Schaider

Associate Professor Helmut Schaider is a diagnosing dermatologist for MoleMap. He has been interested in melanoma...
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Dr Simon Tucker Headshot

Dr Simon Tucker

Trained in the UK and Australia and currently based in Cairns, Dr Tucker has been a Consultant Dermatologist for 18...
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Our Clinical Manager and Educator

 Maria Buckingham Headshot

Maria Buckingham View Icon

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Maria Buckingham

Maria is the Clinical Manager and Educator at MoleMap and works closely with... Read More

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