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Insurance cover and MoleMap

What you can do to get MoleMap's covered by your insurance

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Posted 26/08/13

We are often asked for further information on whether or not our services are covered by insurance providers and if so, who. So we looked to the MoleMap Community for feedback.

Melanoma prevention and early detection greatly influences patient outcome and we believe it should be covered - so we are working towards MoleMaps being covered through Medicare and insurance providers, however this is no quick process.

In the meanwhile, here are some tips from fellow MoleMap community members regarding private health insurance:

  • Request exchanging an insurance benefit that you don’t use for your annual MoleMap.
  • Write your provider a letter requesting coverage
  • Providers that may provide full or partial cover: AHM, Defence Health, The Teachers Health Fund, People Care, The Qld Country Health Fund, GMHBA, Grand United and the Commonwealth Bank Health Fund. Please note, as insurers' policies are quite dynamic we cannot guarantee that the above stated companies currently provide full or partial coverage for the MoleMap procedure. Please enquire directly from your provider, requesting details on coverage for "Melanoma surveillance imaging and diagnosis."
  • If your insurer provides full or partial MoleMap cover, let your friends know.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the MoleMap community regarding insurance coverage, please pass on to

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