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Lifestyle and skin cancer

Do your habits make you more susceptible to skin cancer?

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Posted 24/01/13

The truth is that some people lead a healthier lifestyle than others. When it comes to skin cancer, habits which were considered beneficial or at least not harmful some years ago are now regarded as extremely dangerous. It is perfectly possible for your lifestyle to affect your risk level. If this is the case, it is essential that you take the right preventive measures straight away.

Skin cancer and potentially dangerous habits

A recent study has found that rich young women are at a significantly higher than the average risk of suffering from skin cancer. Researchers believe that their lifestyle is to blame. These women usually have plenty of free time and invest a lot of effort and money in beauty products and treatments. They spend hours tanning either outdoors or at tanning salons on a regular basis. Hence, they are exposed to greater dosages of UV radiation. The average person, on the other hand, spends most of the day at work. Given that most jobs nowadays are indoors, the exposure of works to UV radiation is significantly lower. Hence, the lower risk of skin cancer is one of the benefits of being an average working professional. Athletes involved in outdoor sports which involve training and racing for long hours are also at greater risk of this type of skin cancer. It has been found that long distance runners and cyclists are most vulnerable. Unlike rich young ladies, professional athletes do not have much of a choice when it comes to sun exposure so they should adopt all available effective measures for UV protection.

Skin cancer risk reduced

The ways in which to lower the risk of this serious condition are fairly simple. Tanning should be avoided at all costs. It not only makes you more likely to develop skin cancer, but also speeds up aging. There are women who develop wrinkles especially around the eyes at a very young age often around 25 just because of frequent exposure to UV radiation. Having a darker complexion is not necessarily a sign of beauty as many young girls are taught to believe. It may not match the shape of your face and your hair. This is particularly applicable to women who are blond or have red hair. If you have no other choice but to be exposed to UV radiation for some time, you need to wear protective clothing and accessories plus sunscreen. In such cases, skin cancer screening has to be performed more frequently.

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