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How your skin pigment can change your skin cancer risk

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Posted 24/01/13

One thing most people probably realise is that there is a very strong connection between skin cancer and exposure to the sun. If you spend too much time in it, and aren't properly protected, you stand the risk of suffering some serious consequences. It should be noted however, that exposure to the sun doesn't automatically lead to melanoma or any other form of skin disorder. How sun smart you are is one key factor. There are other factors though to consider including; skin type, genetics and age.

Skin Cancer and Sunburns 

Generally, experts agree that too much exposure to UVB wavelengths can cause sunburn. Experts also agree that exposure to UVA wavelengths may damage cell membranes in the skin and these can lead to serious complications. For these reasons, people who have a habit of sunbathing in the nude, or with very little on, need to find a way to stop entirely or reduce their exposure to the sun. It should also be said that people who are susceptible to sunburn may be more susceptible to skin disorders and skin cancer later in life. The important message to take here is that people with pale skin should limit their time spent in the sun. On the other hand, dark skinned people do not run as much risk as pale skinned people, but it's still imperative they protect themselves all the same.

Melanoma Skin Cancer

Most people believe that the melanoma is the most common form of carcinoma that can afflict the skin. This isn't actually the case, however melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. This skin disorder can grow rapidly and cause a lot of damage within a very short time. Fortunately, if it is detected very early and treated promptly, the patient is likely to recover fully with the right treatment. Other serious skin disorders include basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These conditions are much more serious and can result in permanent disfiguration. Like every other medical issue, the perfect solution for skin cancer is early detection and proper treatment. That said, protecting yourself from the sun is the smartest, most sensible option.

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