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Places you may forget to look for suspicious moles

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Posted 22/03/17
Self examination for melanoma

It is a common misconception that skin cancer can appear only on the most obvious places such as the back. The reality is that they can grow anywhere on the skin. That is why monitoring your skin and existing moles is crucial.

At the same time, there are many places on the body that are difficult to self-examine and, as a result, a dangerous mole can go undetected for quite some time. See where to look so that you can have better protection:

Cancerous moles can appear from head to toe

  • The rule of thumb is that the cancerous moles typically appear on the torso and in the areas which are most frequently exposed to the sun. In fact, many of them grow on the back and shoulders. However, this does not mean that they cannot appear elsewhere.
  • One of the most overlooked areas is the head. Ultraviolet radiation can get even through the thickest hair and cause sunburn and cancerous moles. Examining your head is certainly difficult, but you can use the help of your partner or a friend.
  • The cancerous moles can appear on the tummy and on the chest, even though the latter part of the body is rarely affected. They commonly appear on the legs as well. You can easily examine the front part of the legs, but how about the inner thighs and the area behind the knees and around the ankles? The use of a mirror is invaluable in the case of self-exams. In fact, you may want to use more than one.

Suspicious moles in odd places

  • The dangerous growths can appear on the soles of the feet where they are quite hard to spot. Do not be fooled by the thicker skin there. Sit on a chair and examine your feet and the soles, in particular, very carefully. Do not miss to check between your toes too.
  • You can find dangerous growths even under the finger nails and toe nails. These are often seen in people who have darker complexion and are generally at lower risk of skin cancer and melanoma, in particular. Do not assume that because the risk for you is lower you are 100 per cent safe. Talk to a specialist about any strange formations under the nails.
  • Cancerous moles can grow in the pubic area and on the genitalia as well. These can often go undetected. In some cases, people are embarrassed to share their problem. If you notice something strange, you must consult a specialist timely.

If you notice any of suspicious moles, don’t put off a skin check until it’s too late. Look after yourself today and get your skin checked regularly.

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