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GPs and specialists can refer their patients to MoleMap for a Full Body MoleMap surveillance service (up to 60 mins), Total Body Photography, a MoleMap Skin Check (up to 30 mins) or a MoleMap Spot Check (up to 15 mins). Patients can also self-refer to our services and nominate their doctor to receive a copy of their report.

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High-risk patients

Many GPs and dermatologists refer their high-risk patients to us for melanoma surveillance and diagnosis. Such patients have:

  • High lesion count - Melanoma 7-fold more likely with >100 naevi5
  • Atypical naevi - Melanoma 6-fold more likely with >5 atypical naevi5
  • Family history - Melanoma twice as likely with first degree family history6
  • Personal history - Melanoma 9-fold more likely with personal history7

Our clinical team

At MoleMap all patients are seen by a melanographer who is specially trained to identify and image lesions showing features of skin cancer. All MoleMap melanographers have completed specialised training accredited by the Australasian College of Dermatologists.

After the appointment the melanographer securely sends the images to our dermatologists – via teledermatology – for review and diagnosis.

Within 10 days of the appointment the dermatologist report is ready and we notify the patient.

The patient can login to the portal to access their comprehensive report which includes images and recommendations for treatment. If the patient provides you with consent, you can also access the report and images via the portal.


We are a detection and diagnosis service so we don’t provide treatment like removing moles. The patient will return to their GP or referring doctor (with our dermatologist report) for treatment options.

How accurate is dermoscopy compared to visual checks?

The aim of this Cochrane Review was to find out the accuracy of dermoscopy for the diagnosis of melanoma in comparison to visual inspection of the skin with the naked eye. The Review also investigated whether diagnostic accuracy using dermoscopy on a patient in person differed to the accuracy of diagnosis using dermoscopic images of the skin. Researchers in Cochrane included 104 studies to answer this question. Read the full details.

Detecting skin cancer: Is a handheld magnifying tool better than the naked eye?

Cochrane, an organization that gathers evidence to help people make the most informed health care decisions, asked the experts to conduct a review of over 100 different studies where dermatoscopes were used to help diagnose melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. The experts analysed data from 40,000 skin lesions where 5,700 tested positive for melanoma.

The expert review found that dermatoscopes can help find a melanoma -- but only in the hands of experienced dermatologists. Read the full article

Our database and case studies

Doctors can register for the below services:

  • Our MoleMap Connect online patient database allows doctors to view lesion images and dermatologist diagnoses to support you in the management of your patient’s skin.
  • MoleMap Case Studies provide information on subjects including dermoscopy, melanoma diagnosis and melanoma surveillance imaging.

Get MoleMap Check in your practice

General Practitioners can now provide the same world-class melanoma detection service for skin checks when they purchase MoleMap Check for their practice.

We provide your RN with melanographer training accredited by the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) so they can provide this service for your patients.

All lesions imaged by your melanographer will be diagnosed by our experienced dermatologists via teledermatology and the report sent back to you with recommendations for treatment.

For more information visit the MoleMap Check website

We look forward to helping you to manage the skin cancer risk of your patients.

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